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Say I Love You With Picpack


Whether you care about Valentine’s Day or not, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating a little thing called L-O-V-E. Friends, lovers, parents, kids, puppies… now is the chance to take a moment and appreciate what you’ve got, even if the only thing you’ve got is you.

All through the month of February, Picpack wants you to feel your feelings, and share the love. How?

We’d LOVE it if you shared some of your love notes and favorite love quotes with us, so we can share them with the world. We’ll pick our favorite submissions to win Picpack sets, and keep the love going forward.

If you’re looking for a unique and personal way to show someone how much you love them, Picpack sets are much sweeter than flowers. Each Picpack gives you 12 chances to capture a favorite moment to share with someone and brighten their day. And with each order in February, we’re including a special free love-note pad, so you can put your feelings in words too (or set you up to receive a nice thank you note).


…and write us a little note about something (or someone), take a picture with a quote, or show us some photo moments you love… we can’t wait to hear from you!

The Picpack Team


Whether you care about Valentine’s Day or not, there’s nothing wrong with telling someone you care about that they are awesome.

Not only are Picpack magnets a special Valentine’s Day gift, but Picpack is making it even easier to tell someone how you feel, by giving you a free Love Note Pad with every order in the month of February.

WIN IT! We want to encourage everyone to spread the love this February - and you can win a 12 piece set of magnets if you join in. Send us a Love Note – it can be an image, a sentence, a poem, a quote – and we’ll share our favorite submissions on our Facebook wall so everyone can see them and smile. If yours is chosen, then congrats - you win!

Valentine’s Day Shipping Info


You can order Picpack magnets any time, but in order to have them by Valentine’s Day, we recommend to order early.

Orders within Germany should arrive by the 14th of February if you order on the 12th of February.

For the rest of Europe, orders should be completed by the 7th of February and other countries (like the US) should order by February 3.

If you’re unsure, you can also order a gift card – they can be emailed right away. Then you and your Valentine can always create a Picpack together – a nice way to look at your time together.

We’ve got gift cards!


If you’re running out of shopping time, you can now send the gift of Picpack as a gift card. Easy to buy, and ships instantly through email.

Gift cards are available for 18 € each and can be used to buy one set of 12 Picpack magnets. They can be redeemed at any time.

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Last Dates for Christmas Delivery


In order to have the magnets right on time for Christmas Eve, we recommend to order early.

Orders within Germany should arrive by the 24th December if you order on the 20th. For the rest of Europe, orders should be completed by the 16th of December and other countries should order by the 10th.

On working days we process orders within 24 hours after ordering. However not all processes depend on us and around Christmas, postal services are sometimes a bit unreliable.

If you’re unsure, order a gift card – they can be emailed right away, so even last-minute shoppers can still make their friends smile with the gift of Picpack.

P.S. Have you had a look at our holiday offer? You’ll receive an exclusive holiday card with every order in December. Check it out.

Easy DIY Idea: Customized Picpack Holiday Ornaments


Hi & ho ho! Yes, the holiday season fever has caught us at Picpack. Are you infected too? No problem, we have a good cure for that: Getting creative! For us the weeks before the holidays are about baking, making and decorating the apartment to get into the right mood. And exactly that spirit has let us come up with this fun idea… your own personal Picpack photo magnets also make beautiful Christmas Ornaments. It’s fun because it’s square – unlike ordinary Christmas baubles – and it’s personalized with your favorite memories from the year. When you attach two magnets with their magnetic side and place a nice colourful satin band in between, it’ll hold and make a perfect hanger to let them dangle from your tree. Try it out!

Magnetic Holiday Party Invitations With Picpack And LetterGlow


With the holiday season coming, do you need a unique way to invite your guest? Got a birthday party or wedding coming up? Here’s a clever idea: magnetize your invitations! Forget those boring pieces of paper and surprise your guests with something truly unique. A set of “save the date” magnets will ensure that your invitations stay stuck on the fridge, where they belong.

You can turn your own photos into stylish magnetic invitations using Picpack and LetterGlow, a very cool iOS app that lets you add fancy text and graphics to any image. It’s perfect for turning a happy snap into a professional invitation. The interface is super simple and requires no design or layout skills.

This is how it works:

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Back up Your Web Photos Automatically With IFTTT


If you’re anything like the typical web user, you probably have thousands of happy snaps scattered across several platforms. A few hundred on Facebook, a few hundred more on Instagram. Maybe you’ve still got a Flickr account.

So what happens when you want to collect the 12 best shots from your summer vacation and create a set of Picpack magnets? Chances are that all 12 of those photos won’t be in the same location.

Instead of spending hours digging through your various web accounts, wouldn’t it be nice to have a central archive where all your photos – from every platform and every device – were backed up automatically and available for quick access?

Good news: such a service already exists. It’s called IFTTT (If This, Then That). This clever San Francisco startup lets you create “recipes” for linking various web apps and transferring data between them.

This is a brilliant tool for managing your photos. Using an IFTTT recipe, you can automatically backup your photos from Facebook to Dropbox (or Instagram to Evernote, or Flickr to Google Drive, or whichever two apps your prefer). The whole thing works quietly in the background – just set and forget.

IFTTT lets you create your own recipe or use one that someone else has written. These are 10 of our favorites:

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No Instagram Account? Try Our Custom Upload Feature!


As you might know, we recently introduced a custom upload feature to Picpack, which means you are no longer limited to your Instagram account. You can now upload your own photos straight from your computer and have them printed on the same high-quality magnets.

This was a big step for Picpack. We’re very excited to expand our service to non-Instagram users, and we’d love for you to give the custom upload feature a whirl and tell us what you think. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. If you already have a Picpack account, log in as you normally would. If you don’t have an account yet, go to An Instagram account is no longer mandatory – you can also sign up with a good old-fashioned email address and password.

  2. You can always add your Instagram account later. Just go to the “Instagram” tab on your “Pictures” page and click the “Connect with Instagram” button.

  3. Once you’ve logged in to Picpack, you’ll find a new tab on your “Pictures” page called “My Pictures”. Simply drag and drop images from your computer to this page. They’ll be automatically uploaded, cropped to fit our magnets, and ready to order within seconds. Simple as that!

  4. Note that the cropping feature works automatically, and you can’t change the crop of your images once they’re uploaded to Picpack. For best results, we recommend cropping your images to the right size before you upload them.

  5. Your photos must be in .jpeg or .png format. To get nice sharp images on your magnets, use the highest resolution possible. Your photos must be at least 612 x 612 px.

  6. Don’t forget: you can mix and match your Instagram photos with your custom uploaded photos to create a pack of 12 magnets. Simply switch back and forth between your “Instagram” and “My Pictures” tabs.

That’s all there is to it! Please feel free to email us at [what address] with any tips or ideas for improving the custom upload feature. Your feedback helps us make Picpack more awesome.

Leaving The Nest: Upload Your Pictures From Your Computer


screenshot of the new Picpack upload feature When we started Picpack, it was an easy choice to pick Instagram as our photo service partner: it was a fast growing platform with a huge user base and pretty easy to integrate with, and pictures are already nicely pre-squared. Since we started as a side project without external funding, simplicity and easy integration were a necessity.

But things changed, as they do. Starting with the big brouhaha about the Facebook acquisition, later the Terms of Service debacle and the recently updated brand guidelines, we at Picpack got the feeling that things might be moving in certain directions we weren’t completely comfortable with.

Looking at our company now — more than a year after we launched – it becomes more and more obvious, that building our business completely dependent on one single company won’t be a healthy strategy in the long run. Although we were never directly affected by any of Instagram’s changes, we can no longer just accept whatever Instagram decides to throw at it’s ecosystem of apps and developers. And that’s what our users are telling us as well: over the last half year, we got more and more feedback from our existing and potential customers, who are moving away from Instagram or refuse to even start using it.

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