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Magnets Are a Unique Way to Capture Your Wedding


Linda and Baris had an amazing Turkish wedding, and they used Picpack to commemorate the day and as a gift for their guests.

For us they selected their twelve most precious moments that they turned into magnets to always remember their special day.

wedding pictures on magnets

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Summer’s here! Keep cool in style with an Iced Aeropress


iced aeropress

Our friends from Kaffee Bitte put together a sophisticated iced coffee recipe for these hot summer days. Enjoy the Iced Aeropress!

What you’ll need:

  1. An Aeropress (plus filters)

  2. A strong glass

  3. Freshly roasted coffee

  4. Hot water

  5. Ice!

(Optional 6. Milk)

Set up Add the filter as you normally would, and rinse it with hot water (not into your glass this time, you’ll want to keep that cold!). Now, fill your glass with ice, and place your Aeropress on top.

Add Coffee Use around twice as much ground coffee as you usually would. So if you’d usually use 14gs, go a little wild and add 30gs. Don’t worry, it will be diluted by the melting ice.

Adding Hot Water Add the water as you usually would, so 200ml at 96C (just off the boil).

Stir Stir as you usually would. 3 quick turns, and put the plunger in to stop the coffee draining out.

Wait Let the coffee brew for about a minute. Of course this also depends on your personal preference, so feel free to experiment.

Press Lift off the plunger again, and give the coffee 3 more vigorous stirs, before replacing the plunger and pressing it slowly downwards till you hear a hiss. Stop there, and press the remainder into the bin. This helps avoid too many fine coffee particles getting into your cup which can make it bitter.

(optional,) Add milk Add some full fat milk for a smooth coffee with a sweeter finish. We found half/half was best

Stir Give it all a good stir before drinking so all of the coffee is equally cold.


Introducing our favourite coffee supplier Kaffee Bitte


Update: Unfortunately Kaffee Bitte just announced that they are shutting down. Thanks for the great coffee!

Picpack is a small start-up, run with a lot of love… and a lot of coffee from our friends at Kaffee Bitte. So we thought it’s the perfect time to introduce the two founders Stephen and Hannes.

Hey Hannes, Can you introduce yourself, your co-founder Stepehen and your project Kaffee Bitte?

Kaffee Bitte was founded by Stephen Schouten and me, Hannes Struß. We’re 25 and 27. We don’t really have job titles :) My background is in engineering, his in Startup Growth/Sales, but at Kaffee Bitte everybody does a bit of everything. We met while working together at Gidsy.

When did you start and what makes Kaffee Bitte different

We founded Kaffee Bitte in Nov. 2013, started out with a Beta, shipping coffee to friends and then launched the website in January this year. While Stephen and me were working together in the same office, we always ran out of coffee, and buying a fresh bag of good enough coffee always was a hassle. That led us to starting the company.

Kaffee Bitte is the easiest way of getting super fresh and tasty coffee. You can choose your brewing method on the website, and we recommend you a nice coffee that works well with it. If you want, we can grind the coffee perfectly for your brew method. We then send you a pack weekly, every two or every four weeks, depending on how much you drink. Most importantly: It’s delivered in special packages that are engineered to fit into most letterboxes, so you don’t have to wait around at home or pick it up from the post office. We always send the coffee out at most one week after roasting.

What makes your coffee so good?

The coffee is among the best you can get, worldwide. We only sell specialty grade coffee, that means it is evaluated by special graders and rated over 85 on a scale from 0 to 100, based on flavor complexity, body, acidity and so on. Due to the high quality, the producers earn up to 4x as much as the regular fair trade prices.

Also, they put together a sophisticated iced coffee recipe for these hot summer days. Enjoy the Iced Aeropress!

Spielkkind Artworks Now on Picpack Magnets: Shop Here!


spielkking picpack magnets

Blogger Kerstin Hiesterman (who runs the wonderful Spielkkind, opened an online shop this week, where she sells her art pieces printed on Picpack magnets! To highlight this collaboration, we wanted to talk with Kerstin a little bit about her creative work.

Picpack On “Spielkkind" you share little illustrative artworks of yours that follow a certain concept. When did you start and could you describe your style a little bit?

Kerstin In my pictures I combine everyday things, flowers, twigs or other nice things with quite minimalist and simple line drawing. Usually I proceed like this: I lay the object onto a white sheet of paper and draw my illustration around it. Then I’ll take the pictures with an iPhone 4S. I’ve started doing this about 1.5 years ago and developed this concept rather coincidentally. Also some of my themes, the little monster or the little girl character, bring a certain level of narration and adventurous happening to the images.

Picpack You also share your works with the Instagram community, and they love them a lot. Did the idea for the blog come by taking pictures for Instagram? Are you a big follower of other artists yourself? Where do you get your inspiration?

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Picpack - Perfect for Your Wedding


You might already be familiar with the joy of receiving a set of personalized, beautiful Picpack magnets. Isn’t it a great feeling? We love how Picpack magnets let you relive a special moment in time, and our customers have been coming up with creative ways to incorporate photo magnets in their events and celebrations. Anyone planning a wedding knows they need to send a “Save the Date” to make sure their guests know where to be. Check out how these couples used Picpack to send the message:

save the date magnets

Linda and Baris had an amazing Turkish wedding, and they used Picpack to commemorate the day and as a gift for their guests.

wedding magnets

They’re so easy and fun to make (in any language), plus we’re offering a discount for bulk orders.


Have you used Picpack in a special way? Share with us:

Say I Love You With Picpack


Whether you care about Valentine’s Day or not, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating a little thing called L-O-V-E. Friends, lovers, parents, kids, puppies… now is the chance to take a moment and appreciate what you’ve got, even if the only thing you’ve got is you.

All through the month of February, Picpack wants you to feel your feelings, and share the love. How?

We’d LOVE it if you shared some of your love notes and favorite love quotes with us, so we can share them with the world. We’ll pick our favorite submissions to win Picpack sets, and keep the love going forward.

If you’re looking for a unique and personal way to show someone how much you love them, Picpack sets are much sweeter than flowers. Each Picpack gives you 12 chances to capture a favorite moment to share with someone and brighten their day. And with each order in February, we’re including a special free love-note pad, so you can put your feelings in words too (or set you up to receive a nice thank you note).


…and write us a little note about something (or someone), take a picture with a quote, or show us some photo moments you love… we can’t wait to hear from you!

The Picpack Team


Whether you care about Valentine’s Day or not, there’s nothing wrong with telling someone you care about that they are awesome.

Not only are Picpack magnets a special Valentine’s Day gift, but Picpack is making it even easier to tell someone how you feel, by giving you a free Love Note Pad with every order in the month of February.

WIN IT! We want to encourage everyone to spread the love this February - and you can win a 12 piece set of magnets if you join in. Send us a Love Note – it can be an image, a sentence, a poem, a quote – and we’ll share our favorite submissions on our Facebook wall so everyone can see them and smile. If yours is chosen, then congrats - you win!

Valentine’s Day Shipping Info


You can order Picpack magnets any time, but in order to have them by Valentine’s Day, we recommend to order early.

Orders within Germany should arrive by the 14th of February if you order on the 12th of February.

For the rest of Europe, orders should be completed by the 7th of February and other countries (like the US) should order by February 3.

If you’re unsure, you can also order a gift card – they can be emailed right away. Then you and your Valentine can always create a Picpack together – a nice way to look at your time together.

We’ve got gift cards!


If you’re running out of shopping time, you can now send the gift of Picpack as a gift card. Easy to buy, and ships instantly through email.

Gift cards are available for 18 € each and can be used to buy one set of 12 Picpack magnets. They can be redeemed at any time.

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Last Dates for Christmas Delivery


In order to have the magnets right on time for Christmas Eve, we recommend to order early.

Orders within Germany should arrive by the 24th December if you order on the 20th. For the rest of Europe, orders should be completed by the 16th of December and other countries should order by the 10th.

On working days we process orders within 24 hours after ordering. However not all processes depend on us and around Christmas, postal services are sometimes a bit unreliable.

If you’re unsure, order a gift card – they can be emailed right away, so even last-minute shoppers can still make their friends smile with the gift of Picpack.

P.S. Have you had a look at our holiday offer? You’ll receive an exclusive holiday card with every order in December. Check it out.