Hey Henrik. You are actually our first real customer. Thanks for ordering. Would you like to introduce yourself?

Oh, what an honor :) Yes, I’m Henrik, I’m a hacker, entrepreneur and Instagram lover running a social book platform called Readmill.

What did you order at picpack?

We ordered magnets with the faces of every member of our team. They were awesome.

How did you use the magnets?

We do company retreats twice a year and every time we try to do something special. This time we did a retrospective workshop and for voting we used the magnets. It was great to see peoples faces on the wall instead of just colored dots.

How do you like the magnets and the service? What features would you like to see in the future?

The magnets are high quality printed and have great magnetizing power. The service is easy to use and is not too expensive. The options are endless, I would like to see popular photos on Instagram that are easily ordered and sets like sunsets, politicians and, of course, CATS!

Lastly: What is your favorite Instagram picture or Instagram account you spotted recently?

I kind of like this E.T. looking moon shot: 

by photooftheday