Hello André. A lot of people know you by the name of @bosch which you use for Twitter and Instagram Can you introduce us a little bit to the man behind @bosch?

Hello! I’m a blogger and photographer. In the real life I earn my money as a freelance consultant for digital communications.

I just came back from holidays and, once more, I recognized how many tourists take trivial pictures, all look alike with nearly always the same motifs. They all use known and established picture languages. — How do you find your motifs and how do you develop your own style?

That’s pretty hard, since you can’t blame someone, who is visiting Paris, for taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Although it is captured like a thousand times every day. For the tourist, the own pictures have a specific meaning, although they might not be of artistic value.

During the day, I always try to keep my eyes open, without following a specific esthetic. I’m more and more bored by uniform Instagram streams, which always repeat the same pattern, e.g architecture, portraits or cats. I like motivic variety. According to this I try to represent my everyday life. Nevertheless, unconsciously there are role models, because you are never the first one photographing a car or a coffee mug. — Within the meaning of William Eggleston every object is worthy of depiction.

You are an active Instagram user. What fascinates you about mobile photography and why is Instagram so special?

I like the casualness of taking pictures with the smartphone. You take a photo within seconds, the mobile is always in your pocket. At the same time, I can look at the pictures from other people on the go and get impressions which might not be common for people from Berlin or Hamburg.

How did the way you take pictures changed with mobile photography? Do you still use a DSLR from time to time, or do you only use the iPhone?

Indeed, I carry less and less equipment around. The pictures which I use to illustrate my blog are only taken with the iPhone. But from time to time it’s not enough, for instance if I need specific light sources or if I have to take pictures with depth of field. Especially for paid jobs, a professional equipment is indispensable.

Which Instagram account you don’t want to miss? And what is the best Instagram picture, that you stumbled upon recently?

Phew, thats tough. I don’t want to miss anybody that I follow on Instagram. Otherwise I would have unfollowed him or her already. Everyday I see so many great pictures on Instagram, that it is impossible for me to pick the single best one.