Whether it’s with a scarf or a Krispy Kreme donut, French Bulldog Trotter always looks stunning. Check out the interview with Sonya Yu, owner of Instagrams most famous dog.

You are the driving force behind the Instagram account @trotterpup which is showing pictures you are taking of your photogenic French Bulldog Trotter. How did it start?

She’s always been a very photogenic & obedient pup. Being photographers, we naturally thought it was funny to dress her up & shoot her. We had no idea of the effect she was going to have on everyone.

With close to 40k follower on Instagram and features on Huffington Post etc. @trotterpup got quite famous. How is she liking it?

She’s even more skilled in finagling bacon from people now. She knows how to turn on the cute.

Do you have any clue why did @trotterpup become so famous?

Her sassy personality & her impeccable ability to wear hats. Plus, I don’t think many dogs would tolerate wearing those outfits.

Is Trotter patient? How long do you need to take a good shot?

She is so patient! She will hold still, stay in the pose I put her in, & balance all of the props. Since she’s so obedient, it only takes a few frames to nail the shot.

How do you come up with all the different outfits and “decorations” for Trotter? Does Trotter have a favorite outfit?

We definitely pick up little props for her here & there, but our friends also gift us with ridiculously cute outfits as well. Her favorite is the blonde wig — she just wears it around the house like it’s natural.

Which of the photos of Trotter do you like the most and what’s the story behind this photo?

One of my favorite photos is the one of her with a top hat & pipe. We woke up before dawn one weekend & went to the Alameda Flea Market on a mission to find her the perfect pipe. Ridiculous, I know, but that photo is priceless! My other favorite is the Krispy Kreme donut one. Our friends Brittany & Joey had gotten us the hat & we already had the toy. It was just too perfect. And one more, the Harry Potter one! Our friends Sara & Bryce brought back Harry Potter props all the way from Disneyworld. I couldn’t resist.

Thanks so much for the interview and please say hi to Trotter!