Do you have any source of inspiration for your food art?

Anything can inspire me but the most frequent sources are modern art, cartoons, movies and word play.

Do you have any tips and tricks how to make stunning food art pictures that you want to share with us?

The most important thing about food photography is to avoid making the food look unappetizing. My number one tip is to use natural light when you can, it makes all the difference. Otherwise I would say it’s key to keep the composition simple and uncluttered to really highlight the ingredients. You also have to work fast so the food doesn’t start to collapse or turn brown but you can halt the latter a bit by applying lemon juice to cut apples and bananas for instance.

You only started to use Instagram about half a year ago. Do you have any ideas or plans where @idafrosk will be in one year ahead?

The response has been massive lately, and I’ve just begun to adjust a bit. It’s hard to see that “far” into the future because it’s all so new but I’m currently in talks to make a book plus participate in some cool projects. I hope to be working full time on something food related in one years time, that much I can say.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 29 year old girl from Norway who keeps my inner child alive by playing with my food. I’m educated as a human geographer and currently work with foreign trade statistics by day. I’m passionate about art, photography, food and occasionally running (even though that has not been prioritized lately). I’m a vegetarian and my favorite meal is, obviously, breakfast.

Lastly, what is the Instagram account that inspires you most?

In terms of food, I would have to say @skyem. In terms of playfulness, @miss_etc.