Last weekend was a busy one for the Picpack team. Two of us took part in the Photo Hack Day here in Berlin, where we built a fun little service called EyePack. It’s a simple tool that lets you push your EyeEm photos straight to Picpack.

As you might expect from an app that was built in 24 hours, EyePack is pretty darn easy to use. You just need to sign up for an EyeEm account and a Picpack account, then follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to and log in with your EyeEm account.

  2. Choose your favorite images from your EyeEm stream. (They’ll automatically be cropped to fit the square dimensions of our magnets.)

  3. Go to the settings page in your Picpack account. There you’ll find an API token which you have to copy and paste into EyePack.

  4. Then just push your images to Picpack. They’ll appear under a new tab called “My pictures.”

Simple as that! This was a rushed project, so please forgive us if the app is a little rough around the edges. We hope you guys have some fun with it.

Photo Hack Day, as the name implies, is a 24 hour hackathon with a photography theme. Teams of developers, designers and photographers get together in a frenzied effort to build something cool and innovative. Photo Hack Day is run by EyeEm, and the official goal is to “rapidly prototype new photo applications that revolutionize the way we take, see and interact with pictures.” Big thanks to the EyeEm team for making this great event happen. We’ll see you next year!