As you might know, we recently introduced a custom upload feature to Picpack, which means you are no longer limited to your Instagram account. You can now upload your own photos straight from your computer and have them printed on the same high-quality magnets.

This was a big step for Picpack. We’re very excited to expand our service to non-Instagram users, and we’d love for you to give the custom upload feature a whirl and tell us what you think. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. If you already have a Picpack account, log in as you normally would. If you don’t have an account yet, go to An Instagram account is no longer mandatory – you can also sign up with a good old-fashioned email address and password.

  2. You can always add your Instagram account later. Just go to the “Instagram” tab on your “Pictures” page and click the “Connect with Instagram” button.

  3. Once you’ve logged in to Picpack, you’ll find a new tab on your “Pictures” page called “My Pictures”. Simply drag and drop images from your computer to this page. They’ll be automatically uploaded, cropped to fit our magnets, and ready to order within seconds. Simple as that!

  4. Note that the cropping feature works automatically, and you can’t change the crop of your images once they’re uploaded to Picpack. For best results, we recommend cropping your images to the right size before you upload them.

  5. Your photos must be in .jpeg or .png format. To get nice sharp images on your magnets, use the highest resolution possible. Your photos must be at least 612 x 612 px.

  6. Don’t forget: you can mix and match your Instagram photos with your custom uploaded photos to create a pack of 12 magnets. Simply switch back and forth between your “Instagram” and “My Pictures” tabs.

That’s all there is to it! Please feel free to email us at [what address] with any tips or ideas for improving the custom upload feature. Your feedback helps us make Picpack more awesome.