With the holiday season coming, do you need a unique way to invite your guest? Got a birthday party or wedding coming up? Here’s a clever idea: magnetize your invitations! Forget those boring pieces of paper and surprise your guests with something truly unique. A set of “save the date” magnets will ensure that your invitations stay stuck on the fridge, where they belong.

You can turn your own photos into stylish magnetic invitations using Picpack and LetterGlow, a very cool iOS app that lets you add fancy text and graphics to any image. It’s perfect for turning a happy snap into a professional invitation. The interface is super simple and requires no design or layout skills.

This is how it works:


  1. Once you’ve downloaded and installed LetterGlow, open the app and import a photo from your library, or shoot a new one.
  2. Crop your photo to the correct dimensions. Make sure it’s squared and centered to fit on a Picpack magnet.
  3. Now for the fun part. LetterGlow gives you a ton of cool editing options. You can enhance your photo with text, shapes, lines and decorations. Mess around with color, size and positioning until you find something you like. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Once you’re satisfied, you can save the image to your phone or Dropbox account. You can also email it to yourself or post it on your social networks.

Once you’ve created a snazzy-looking image in LetterGlow, just upload it to getpicpack.com. You can then have your invitation printed on a set of our high-quality magnets. LetterGlow and Picpack are the perfect combination for creating unique party invitations, or simply having a bit of fun with your photography.


LetterGlow normally costs $0.99, but we’ve got three voucher codes to download the app for free. To get your hands on one, head over to our Facebook page and tell us your idea of a perfect holiday party for a chance to win. We’ll award the vouchers to the three most interesting and creative answers. The offer is good until Dec. 5 2013.