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Blogger Kerstin Hiesterman (who runs the wonderful Spielkkind, opened an online shop this week, where she sells her art pieces printed on Picpack magnets! To highlight this collaboration, we wanted to talk with Kerstin a little bit about her creative work.

Picpack On “Spielkkind” you share little illustrative artworks of yours that follow a certain concept. When did you start and could you describe your style a little bit?

Kerstin In my pictures I combine everyday things, flowers, twigs or other nice things with quite minimalist and simple line drawing. Usually I proceed like this: I lay the object onto a white sheet of paper and draw my illustration around it. Then I’ll take the pictures with an iPhone 4S. I’ve started doing this about 1.5 years ago and developed this concept rather coincidentally. Also some of my themes, the little monster or the little girl character, bring a certain level of narration and adventurous happening to the images.

Picpack You also share your works with the Instagram community, and they love them a lot. Did the idea for the blog come by taking pictures for Instagram? Are you a big follower of other artists yourself? Where do you get your inspiration?


Kerstin Yes, I definitely came up with my style by using Instagram. In the beginning I did neither illustrations nor had I the ambition to start a blog. After about a year ago, when Instagram featured me on their blog, of course I rapidly gained a lot of followers and it came to me that I could make something more of it. I also follow many great and creative Instagramers, but my inspiration actually comes from my real and everyday life. I associate a lot and play with my imagination that is trigged by simple objects that surround me.

Picpack What do you do when you’re not drawing cute creatures and blogging?

Kerstin I am a primary school teacher and I work with children who have learning difficulties. Also I am a mother of three children and live in a big house with a big garden in the German countryside.

Picpack Because your pictures are so well received online, you just launched a little online shop where fans can purchase your works on Picpack magnets. (We are so excited about this by the way!) With Picpacks, your imaginative picture stories now get actually “tangible”: people can collect and share them. They make adorable gifts too. What did you think when you received your first Picpacks?

Kerstin I had a friend over and we were both totally impressed by the quality and the sharpness of the print. And I was enthusiastic about literally, physically holding my pictures in my hands for the first time - and in such a great format. My friend immediately said that I should sell Spielkkind magnets and that people would love them! But it took me a little while and some more friends to actually convince me start the shop. And here we are, it started this week.


Great news! We are sure that your fans will really enjoy Spielkkind on Picpack magnets! You can buy them here: inspirat.io/spielkkind/

Also we are giving away a set of Spielkkind on Picpack magnets! To enter, send us an e-mail to hello@getpicpack.com until the 12 of July with the subject “Spielkkind”. We will announce the winner on Facebook – so make sure to follow us there so we can reach you.

Some of Kerstins images, find more on her Instagram account: spielkking picpack magnets spielkking picpack magnets spielkking picpack magnets spielkking picpack magnets