Same procedure as every year. Your head is full of great ideas of what you want to get done this year, e.g. some exercising – preferably starting with a run in the park during the first week of the new year. And then you realise that it is already mid-January and that your running shoes are still dirty from last fall. Picpack has also started the year rather “slow-paced” and although it is already mid-January, we thought a print-out calendar sheet might be a nice addition to your magnet covered fridge.

The January calendar sheet shows the monthly moon phases and includes some fun holidays such as Popcorn Day on January 19th. We have specifically designed the calendar sheet so that it leaves enough space for smaller notes and that it looks especially good with a Picpack magnet.

You can download the sheet for January here:Download Calendar

Print out the A4 page and cut out the calendar along the dotted line. Enjoy!

From now on we will provide you with a sheet for each month. Please let us know if you like it or think it is useful.