Fall has officially started and we still can’t stop thinking about the amazing holiday adventures we had before! The so called ‘rentrée’ season is a time to reset and tune in into the new challenges at work, at school and everything in between, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget all the special moments we had during summer.

Because summer too is a time to reset and enjoy the little things we usually can’t enjoy on weekdays while running in between commitments and solving problems.

We look at the past couple of months as opportunities to collect memories and fill our hearts and minds with energy for what’s about to come next. And we did this in so many ways with the people we love that at the end of summer, we can only think about our #throwback pictures. Collecting photos of these moments, make us remember all the great energies and vibes we shared in all those music festivals, long days at the beach, quiet walks at the countryside and wonderful and unexpected sunsets at our favourite rooftop in the city.

Each moment is unique and the best part is that all of them together will turn into a set of powerful magnets that we will spread around the house after summer ends…to bring back that joy and that awesome freedom feeling we had! You too can and should collect these moments so wait no more and grab your camera or search into your Instagram profile for those top notch captions and visit getpicpack.com to turn them into high quality magnets.

Wait no more and share them with us with the #picpack, we would love to see them!