Picpack goes arty - starting of today. Six artists, selected by the Monoqi-team, offer their artworks, printed on magnets, on Monoqi until the 20th of December. Just right in time for Christmas.

Artist include Thomas Kakareko (@thomas_k), Kevin Butler (@kbut) or Michael Schulz (@berlinstagram) and others. Also, you can buy a voucher on Monoqi, which allows you toe create your own pack on our site. All in all, the artists packs as well as the voucher, cost only 14.70 Euros each. — Thats the best deal you can get for twelve high quality magnets.

Monoqi is a Berlin based flash sales site, that offers great design pieces for a reduced prize and a imited time to only its members.

Monoqi only ships to EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway. Also, you need to be a member, but we have ten invites for Monoqi. The first ten who write an email to hello@getpicpack.com will get one.

Please check out our blog post about the latest shipping dates to get your packs still in time for Christmas.