Update: Unfortunately Kaffee Bitte just announced that they are shutting down. Thanks for the great coffee!

Picpack is a small start-up, run with a lot of love… and a lot of coffee from our friends at Kaffee Bitte. So we thought it’s the perfect time to introduce the two founders Stephen and Hannes.

Hey Hannes, Can you introduce yourself, your co-founder Stepehen and your project Kaffee Bitte?

Kaffee Bitte was founded by Stephen Schouten and me, Hannes Struß. We’re 25 and 27. We don’t really have job titles :) My background is in engineering, his in Startup Growth/Sales, but at Kaffee Bitte everybody does a bit of everything. We met while working together at Gidsy.

When did you start and what makes Kaffee Bitte different

We founded Kaffee Bitte in Nov. 2013, started out with a Beta, shipping coffee to friends and then launched the website in January this year. While Stephen and me were working together in the same office, we always ran out of coffee, and buying a fresh bag of good enough coffee always was a hassle. That led us to starting the company.

Kaffee Bitte is the easiest way of getting super fresh and tasty coffee. You can choose your brewing method on the website, and we recommend you a nice coffee that works well with it. If you want, we can grind the coffee perfectly for your brew method. We then send you a pack weekly, every two or every four weeks, depending on how much you drink. Most importantly: It’s delivered in special packages that are engineered to fit into most letterboxes, so you don’t have to wait around at home or pick it up from the post office. We always send the coffee out at most one week after roasting.

What makes your coffee so good?

The coffee is among the best you can get, worldwide. We only sell specialty grade coffee, that means it is evaluated by special graders and rated over 85 on a scale from 0 to 100, based on flavor complexity, body, acidity and so on. Due to the high quality, the producers earn up to 4x as much as the regular fair trade prices.

Also, they put together a sophisticated iced coffee recipe for these hot summer days. Enjoy the Iced Aeropress!