iced aeropress

Our friends from Kaffee Bitte put together a sophisticated iced coffee recipe for these hot summer days. Enjoy the Iced Aeropress!

What you’ll need:

  1. An Aeropress (plus filters)

  2. A strong glass

  3. Freshly roasted coffee

  4. Hot water

  5. Ice!

(Optional 6. Milk)

Set up Add the filter as you normally would, and rinse it with hot water (not into your glass this time, you’ll want to keep that cold!). Now, fill your glass with ice, and place your Aeropress on top.

Add Coffee Use around twice as much ground coffee as you usually would. So if you’d usually use 14gs, go a little wild and add 30gs. Don’t worry, it will be diluted by the melting ice.

Adding Hot Water Add the water as you usually would, so 200ml at 96C (just off the boil).

Stir Stir as you usually would. 3 quick turns, and put the plunger in to stop the coffee draining out.

Wait Let the coffee brew for about a minute. Of course this also depends on your personal preference, so feel free to experiment.

Press Lift off the plunger again, and give the coffee 3 more vigorous stirs, before replacing the plunger and pressing it slowly downwards till you hear a hiss. Stop there, and press the remainder into the bin. This helps avoid too many fine coffee particles getting into your cup which can make it bitter.

(optional,) Add milk Add some full fat milk for a smooth coffee with a sweeter finish. We found half/half was best

Stir Give it all a good stir before drinking so all of the coffee is equally cold.